Can I relate faxes to a custom object and send and receive faxes from a custom object?
Yes you can relate Sent Faxes and Received Faxes to any custom or standard object by creating custom lookup fields on the Sent Fax/Received Fax object.  More info is in Documentation.


What are some common permission issues that can cause errors when sending or receiving faxes?
Make sure users have access in their profile or permission sets to RS Fax app, all related apex, Pages, triggers, Sent Fax object, Received Fax object, and all fields on those objects.  If you created any custom lookup fields on the Sent Fax/Received Fax object, make sure users have access to the related object.


Can I restrict access to the app for only some of my Salesforce users? 
Yes, you can do this through modifying permission sets to app components (Custom Objects, Tabs, VisualForce Page, APEX) by going to Setup > Installed Packages > RS Fax.

My faxes are not sending are not sending all of a sudden and getting stuck in “sending” status. What could be the issue?

You may have hit your daily API call limit. Go to Setup > Company Profile > Company Information > Show API Requests > Last 24 Hours. See what the limit is and see if you went past it.  If you did, you will need to wait till your 24 hour mark is over to start with new limit. You can submit case to Salesforce to increase your daily API call limit if needed.


Can I automatically send a fax based on a certain change made on a Salesforce record?
RS Fax can be configured to automatically fax a PDF that gets attached to a record based on a filename pattern.  The key is to automate how the PDF gets attached to the record.  You can read more about configuring RS Fax to auto fax an attachment under RS Fax Configuration Field Settings in documentation.


What are the methods to automatically fax documents?

  1. Utilize a document generating app like RS Documents, Conga, or Drawloop to automate the generation of a PDF and automate attaching it to a record.
  2. Develop a process using Apex to create a PDF attachment in any way which could be a good solution to avoid licensing costs if you are not needing to merge dynamic record fields.
  3. Import Attachments to records that could auto fax out in a batch.


Can you auto relate a Received Fax to a record automatically without using the barcode feature?
You can create a process builder or trigger that would look at the fax number the Received Fax is from, and look for a matching record such as the Fax Number on the Account object and if there is a match set the lookup field value on Received Fax to that Account.  You can do this with any object or field.  Something to consider is the formatting of fax numbers that come in from the Received Fax and how the fax number is formatted on your other object you are trying to find the match for.


Is it possible to send out hundreds of faxes all at once?
Yes mass faxing is possible though first step is to understand how you would like to create the Fax that needs to be sent out. Please contact support for more information at support@ramseysolutions.com. 


How can I fax a document generated by RS Documents, Conga, or other document generation app?

You need to configure the app to generate a PDF with a specific filename and attach it to the record.  The filename could start with the word “Fax-” for example.  Then configure RS Fax to auto send the pdf that gets attached under RS Fax Configuration in Field settings to look for a pdf with a filename that starts with the word “Fax-“.


Does RS Fax work on Lightning Experience?
Yes you can send a fax in Lightning UI and view Sent Faxes and Received Faxes.  You will need to create Global Action button for any related list buttons you want available in Lightning experience.

Does the RS Fax app work the same in international countries as it does in USA?

Yes, the app will function the same even if your Salesforce is on a different international server.


Can I get an international fax number?
Yes once you activate your RS Fax account you can request a fax number in your country and local area code or port an existing one over.  Since our fax server is in the USA, in order to send faxes to an international number the phone number needs to be 011+Country Code+Fax Number .


Can I port an existing fax number to RS Fax?
Yes. There is a one time porting fee of $15.


How many users can use RS Fax or share a fax number?
Any number of users and all users can use RS Fax and the same fax number at no additional charge.  Billing is based on number of fax numbers and fax page usage.


How are fax numbers assigned to different users?  
You can purchase multiple fax numbers to use in Salesforce.  When you send a fax there is the Organization Fax Number you can select which fax number you want to send the fax from.  Under RS Fax Configuration you can set the default number to use for all users.  You can also create a custom button/link to Send Fax that can pass the fax number you want to send from dynamically based on the user.  This would be with a formula that would look at the current user or field to apply that logic.  You cannot specifically assign fax numbers to users in settings but can be configured based on permissions.  You can also apply sharing rules to Sent Faxes/Received Faxes records based on the fax number sent from or received to to share those records with the right users/roles/profiles.


How can I see a list of faxes received or sent by a specific number?
You can create custom list views on Sent Fax and Received Fax tabs that show faxes sent by or received by a certain fax number. For example, one list view on Sent Fax tab has criteria, Organization Fax Number = 4153425455 as one condition and add another listview to show faxes where Organization Fax Number = 5557324232.

On some of my received fax records, the fax number from the sender is showing as “unknown.” Why is that and how can I find out which fax number it came from?
When the fax number is showing “unknown,” it is being caused by the sender. eFax captures the TSID / CallerID info when presented to them from the telco (other fax provider). If that info is hidden, there is nothing to report for the fax number which is why it comes up as “unknown.” You can base your list view logic or process on fax number provided in the “Caller ID” field instead of this fax number field as a workaround.


Is it possible to change the “authorized user” of the app without having to uninstall app?
Yes, you just need to go to RS Fax Configuration tab and click “Grant Access” while logged into the user you would like to change it too. If you have prior configurations setup, make sure the new user who grants access has the same permissions as prior user.


Is it possible to increase the file size allowed on documents tab from the Standard 5MB?
Yes, we are able to request an increase up to 25MB, email support at support@ramseysolutions.com.


Does RS Fax have limitation on size of inbound or outbound faxes?
There is no size limit on inbound but on outbound it is 30MB.


How long does it take for faxes to be successfully delivered?

Faxes are normally sent/received within 1-2 minutes however updating the fax status on sent fax record to “Delivered” may take closer to 10 minutes. It may take longer if the end recipient’s line is busy or there is no reply in which RS Fax has a retry process to attempt re-send.


Does RS Fax have any backup system to ensure it does not crash when overloaded with faxes in queue?
The faxing process involves 3 platforms (RS Fax to eFax then back to Salesforce) with each receiving faxes in different ways. So there are many ways to store data and not lose faxes should there be a system issue with one of them. Each platform buffers and queues the faxes so it helps to prevent system breakdown.


Once a fax is sent to customer based on change made on Salesforce record, can I also send a text message to notify them of this change?
Yes you can do this through another app called RS Alert that can send SMS based on a workflow event.  Read about the RS Alert app here


Can I receive an email alert when I receive a fax?
Yes you can setup a workflow on Received Fax object to send an email about that received fax when it gets created.  You can also create different email alerts based on the fax number it is received by.

What happens to the fax if it fails to reach eFax/RS Fax platform? 

If a fax fails to post to eFax platform, it will be available to be manually re-post it for the next 24 hours. Once the 24 hours are up, the fax will not longer be available and is not stored in the system.

Is it possible to have barcode image in a different spot on each of the fax pages? 

No, RS Fax doesn’t have a way to configure different barcode locations/size on different pages in the same fax. Contact support for custom development options.


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